Phone Technician

Phone Technician 4.15

Take control of your Palm Treo

Phone Technician is an application for the Treo 600/650 which allows you to take control of many aspects of your handheld's functions. Whether you're interested in ringtones, screensavers, alarms or battery tools, Phone Technician comes packed with features that you're guaranteed to find useful!

Take control of your ringtone and SMS tone!

  • Use MP3s, Wav, Ogg, Midi or polyphonic tones as your ringtone

  • Choose repeat time, vibrate, LED, and more

  • Set volume to increase with each ring

  • Set first x rings to be silent (e.g. vibrate only)

Screen Control - Save precious battery Power

  • Turn the screen on and off normally during a call

  • Set the screen to turn off automatically during the call if you don't press any buttons

  • Allows you to check voicemail or use a VRU and save battery!

Alarms Off During Calls

  • Turn alarms off automatically when you are on a call

  • Any alarms that were silenced will go off normally at the end of the call

Easy Conference

  • Setting up 3-way conference calls is a breeze

  • Just select the two numbers you want to call and press 'Start Conference'

  • After your first party is connected, you'll see a button to call the second

  • When the second party is connected, just press conference

..and much more!

Phone Technician


Phone Technician 4.15